Estuary at Mediterra 


​Reef pieces are carefully designed by Master Glass Artist Kyle Carni. The handblown glass is forged in the flame using techniques passed down by Venetian Glassblowers for centuries in Murano, Italy. The boron crystal glass used is extraordinarily durable, resisting breakage and seamlessly repaired, never destroyed. These artisan crafted one of a kind pieces are inspired by his surroundings in the Barrier Islands. Coquina "small shell" was used by the Spaniards to erect the Castello Di San Marco in St. Augustine. The strong yet beautiful structure has stood the test of time. Kyle hand selects and excavates the coquina from quarries formed 10,000 years ago consisting of sand, shell, bone, stone and often sharks teeth. It is a beautiful and stark contrast with the boron crystal glass imbedded to create a "unique experience in glass." The artist collaborates with each client pushing physical limitations to the brink furthering his talents with this often feared and captivating medium. The pieces are designed with each clients preferences for color, size, design, weight and budget. The artist brings the finished design to fruition and never has failed to exceed expectations. Beauty is never sacrificed for function in the designs brought to life. Designs can be chosen by feature, color, size and or reproduction. Adornments to enhance the space. Each design is a one of a kind design with specific considerations given to each by that particular client. These pieces of art are all living testaments that your space can become alive with what you envision.​​ Here, you can find some of the extraordinary commission pieces that artist, Kyle Carni, has done.

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glass art and design

Kyle Carni​