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Kyle Carni​

Traditions -by Kyle Carni

Throughout my life, Christmas has always held a special Place in my heart. When I was a young boy, I can recall the emphasis my father always placed on the holidays, particularly Christmas. Some might have considered him oddly obsessive. Not me!

One Tradition I practice today without yield is finding the most unnaturally plump Christmas tree to decorate my home come the holidays. Many years ago my father, Laurence Joseph Carni, would lead his crew composed of my oldest brother Lance, sisters Kim and Cassan, brother Shane and I to set out on this annual mission. The pinnacle of these quests came back in the mid 80's when not one, but two mammoths could not be passed on. When we arrived at my home my mother was not pleased, however, we would not be denied. I don't think Christmas trees come with any type of return policy. This act of slight lunacy may not have been as noteworthy had we not already owned an additional fake tree as well. Although my father stockpiled ornaments year round we still had this new dilemma. Three Christmas trees, two  monsters and one eight foot fake tree needed A LOT of ornaments!

Today, I continue to be inspired by my youth and my father's passion for the holidays. Every year I look forward to filling my gallery and home with Christmas trees! As a added bonus I now design and create an assortment of holiday keepsakes that enhance memories and carry on traditions. Rest assured, if one day you to decide to come home with multiple Christmas trees, I will always have some new unique ornaments to fill them!

Here in Florida I may not have the snowdrifts I grew used to in Syracuse, New York however, that will never prevent me from carrying on traditions passed on to me by my father! So far, I am up to seven trees and counting at my studio and gallery, Galleria di Vetro! At my Ritz-Carlton holiday event in Amelia Island I am currently up to three trees and of course at home, my wife, children and I still remain on the hunt every holiday season for the fattest tree of all!

Holidays at Galleria di Vetro, New Smyrna Beach

2015 Annual Snowflake -by Kyle Carni