glass art and design

Kyle Carni​

Selecting art as a full-time vocation takes courage, dedication and perseverance. A little optimism helps! Obviously, creating works of art also requires talent. A great deal of hard work also helps!

When Kyle Carni embarked on his journey into the world of glass blowing the challenge was even more adventurous. Married and the father of two, he understood his primary responsibilities. A turn for the worse in the economy didn't help. The crown of potential failure weighed heavily upon his shoulders. However, DREAMS and the PASSION to create prevailed!

Kyle was born and spent much of his life in Liverpool, NY where snowbanks are considerably more common than sand dunes and sunshine is a stranger.

A trip to Santa Cruz, California with his wife Nicole opened his eyes and his pathway to the future. A weekend glass blowing class for the couple lit the flames of passion and a future glass artist was born. The torch was turned on.

After several years of training, cuts, burns, and struggles eventually Kyle developed a style all his own. He eventually opened Galleria di Vetro, his retail gallery and production studio then later his showroom in Atlanta. Galleria, located on a small island in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, was a powerful influence on creativity. Inspiration came easily in the wonderful natural surroundings. 

Success took time and patience but eventually it came, along with recognition, awards and a lot of new friends and collectors. His showrooms and studio brings patrons from around the world to Kyle's world of glass. Galleria di Vetro is home to a large menagerie of sculpted and blown glass art, a large selection of custom jewelry, and a place where Kyle Carni meets all visitors with open arms, ready for the next challenge and exploration in glass art.

Snowbanks to Sand Dunes and beyond. A ringing endorsement for following you passion, dreams and fantasies.

                                                                           ... in loving memory of Laurence J Carni

                                                                               by whom this was written

Snowbanks, Sand Dunes, & Dreams