glass art and design

Kyle Carni​

Welcome to My World

     Art is the conversion of the sights and sounds of nature into expressions of beauty, the visions and fantasies of the artist. Since the dawn of time, we have left records of our attempts to capture the glorious expressions of god. Glassblowing dating from about 1500 BC is one of mankind’s oldest forms. For centuries glass artists have endured the discomfort and danger of scorching heat to masterfully coax works of art from the flames, using only their breath, a few tools and imagination. Welcome To My World!

     Several years ago I started my journey to capture nature’s beauty in glass. I quickly discovered the challenge of converting molten glass into art and was immediately fascinated. Today, my burn scars and healed stitches testify to my endurance and my work justifies my tenacity.  Even as a child I found pleasure in designing things. I always harbored a desire to create. Venetian lamp working, fulfilled that passion and lit the torch literally and figuratively. New Smyrna Beach, one of Florida’s seashore habitats, became my laboratory, Galleria di Vetro my showcase and studio. I am fortunate and grateful for my success. More importantly, I understand and appreciate the opportunity to make people’s lives a little more pleasurable by capturing moments in time, and providing keepsakes that will fill a lifetime of memories. Hopefully these memories will be shared and collected for generations to come. Art is a grand exploration. Thank you for embarking on this adventure with me. Captivated by the flame, curiously melting crystal in concert with gravity, and collaborating with all nature has to offer, I welcome you to a world of wonder in the form of crystal glass creations.